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When someone is diagnosed with a life limiting illness it affects not only the person with the illness but their husband or wife, partner and families. Lives are turned upside down as relationships change between loved ones and family members who soon find themselves in the caring role. The realisation that life will never be the same as it was can be difficult to come to terms with, particularly as caring can be bewildering, confusing, isolating and demanding.

HospiceCare is committed to providing care and support to carers as well as the person with the illness as carers’ own needs can often be suppressed when all of their attention and effort is placed on the person they are caring for. As well as physical tiredness, carers’ stress levels may be high affecting their own health and well being.

Fear, sadness, shock, anger, loss and anxiety are some of the normal emotions carers may experience which is why HospiceCare places equal value and importance on helping carers’ general well being.

HospiceCare offers carers physical, social and emotional support in several ways. Respite at home can be offered and is essential in relieving the carer from their caring role even if only for a few hours. Alternatively, the person they are caring for can come to the Therapeutic Drop-In at the Hospice allowing the carer some time for themselves. Carers are also offered complementary therapies to aid relaxation and boost their general well being as well as having an opportunity to access a ‘listening ear’ to share and express their fears and concerns.The support is available for as long as the carer needs it and there is no need to wait for a professional to make the referral.

If you would like support or more information please call and speak to one of the clinical team on: 01665 606515.

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    Anyone is welcome to contact HospiceCare directly as a GP referral is not required.

    You can either call us directly on: 01665 606515 and asked to speak to a member of the nursing team, or  fill in our enquiry form and a member of the nursing team will get back to you. Debbie Allan, Deputy Nursing Manager


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