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Friday, 24 June 2016 21:25

Hospice Happenings Issue 4

To help us meet the increasing demand for the Hospice at Home service, particularly when people and their families choose the Hospice to be their main care provider, I am delighted to announce that two members of the Hospice at Home team, who have been part of the service since it started in 2009, have been successful in joining the Hospice team on a more permanent basis. Congratulationsto Cath Miller and Cath McEwan (or as they are known to us, the twoCath’s!) as they bring exceptional qualities to the Hospice team as Health Care Assistants deliveringHospice care in people’s homes.

Also, HospiceCare’s long awaited project in end of life care for people with dementia (see page 9) will officially be launched later this year because of the generosity and support of the Henfrey Charitable Trust and the Garfield Weston Foundation. This will help people with dementia living in Care Homes across North Northumberland to access the Hospice services if needed. On behalf of HospiceCare I wish to say an
enormous thank you!

On page 6 and 7 Mark’s story tells us how important it is to talk about death and dying with a loved one so that wishes and preferences of the dying person can be met. Please read the ‘Big Conversation’ on page 4/5 for tips and advice. Or give us a ring on 01665 606 515. We are always here to help and listen!

Sue Gilbertson - Hospice Nurse/Manager


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