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Remembering us in your Will

As our clinical services continue to change and develop to meet the growing needs of our communities living in North Northumberland, legacies enable us to  ensure that future generations will be able to benefit from high quality end of life care and support , in a place of their choosing, at a time of their need, for as long as they need it. So if you are thinking about charitable giving as part of your Will please think about leaving a legacy to the HospiceCare.

 Why make a Will?

A valid Will is the only way that you can be sure that your wishes are carried out after your death.


What happens if I don't make a Will?

If you die without a valid Will, you die 'intestate' and control of your estate is lost. All of your assests will be divided up according to the strict rules of intenstacy and tax may have to be paid. So by making a Will, you can esnure that your wishes for your estate will happen.


Leaving us a gift in your Will

We recommend that you see a solicitor to draw up your Will or to amend your exisitign Will. You will need to mention that you wish to leave a gift to HospiceCare and give our address and charity number to your solicitor.


Amending your existing Will

A Codicil - while many aspects of your Will may remain the same as you go through life, some things may change, prompting you to make changes. Rather than totally rewriting your Will, some people choose to write a Codicil.

A Codicil is an amedment to an exisiting Will and if this is something you wish to consider, we can supply you with one of our Codicil forms.


If you would like one our Leaving a Legacy in your Will brochures or Codicil forms, please contact Julie Frost -  here:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"Now the wealth did not weigh on me now it was not a mere bequest of coin - it was a legacy of life, hope enjoyment" Jayne Eyre, Charlotte Bronte


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