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Wednesday, 10 August 2016 12:18

When small makes a big impact

Elizabeth Palfreman from Hospice UK reflects on her recent visit to HospiceCare North Northumberland – the most northerly hospice in England – and what is important to hospice patients.

For the full write up from Elizabeth please visit- Hospice UK

Friday, 24 June 2016 21:25

Hospice Happenings Issue 4











Kym is taking on 3 challenges for HospiceCare this year, the first was Druridge Bay Marathon on 17th April which she brilliantly completed in an amazing 4 Hours 55 mins, then she took on  Edinburgh Marathon on 29th May in 5 Hours 15mins and finally she will cool down with a half marathon – The Great North Run on 11th September.

Debbie started work at the Hospice in 2003 working mainly in day care and half a day a week in the lymphoedema clinic. The demand for the lymphoedema service grew and soon took up most of Debbie’s time. Recently she has become more involved with the Hospice at Home service, while still supporting and treating palliative patients who have swelling to any part of their body caused by illnesses, such as cancer.

On Monday the 2nd May 2016 the younger students ( aged 3- 11) form Longridge Towers School held a Fun Run in aid of HospiceCare North Northumberland.

108 children took part and Hospice Ted was invited along to run too. The children managed to complete their Fun Run with the sun coming out to say hello.

Over £700 has been raised allready and young student Charlotte wanted to share with you why they picked HospiceCare .

Charlotte was interviewed by one of our volunteers Catherine you can view the interview below.

Monday, 25 April 2016 13:42

ShiShi's London Marathon Challenge

Local District Nurse ShiShi Ord, ran the London Marathon on Sunday 24th April in an amazing 3 Hours 35 minutes for local Charity HospiceCare North Northumberland.
It was ShiShi’s 4th London marathon, and this year decided that she would run in memory of her Dad.
ShiShi wanted to share her story about why running for HospiceCare meant so much to her.

“My Dad, Graham, may have been a bit sceptical when I decided to do my first marathon, but after he realised I wasn't going to ruin my knees he became my second biggest supporter (the best supporter crown sits firmly on the head of Lorna Logan, and will take some shifting!).  He tackled each London marathon with his usual organised approach, planning weeks in advance where he should stand (even though I often spotted him before he saw me!), what time he should get there, which transport would be the best to use and how to get to the pub at the end the quickest!  He and my mum discovered a great viewing spot between miles 23 and 24, and we never missed each other there.

I had chosen two charities to fundraise for HospiceCare North Northumberland and Force Cancer Charity, both these charities have played a large part in my personal and professional lives at either end of the country, and I just wanted to give a little back to them both.


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